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President & Founder of Wiest & Co., John has a broad network of marketing, market research and broker / distributors. He has served food, beverage, CPG, wine and technology clients in USA and launching products and brands around the world.

Walmart CIO: Analytics Grow Grocery

The Wall Street Journal interviewed Karenann Terrell, CIO of Walmart.  For anyone who’s interested in Big Commerce and Big Data, the article is a good read on how to use information to increase customer satisfaction, sales and profits.

How’s it work? While there are many data uses and users at Walmart, one key application has been […]

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For VC-Level Returns Follow Female Users

No matter if you have a dollar, a million or a billion bucks in the bank, you want to make sure you have more tomorrow — or at least don’t lose it.
Launching for Success, Viral Adoption
So, how do you decide where to put your money and time in launching a new product — whether investing […]

2015 Advertising: Media, Cars, Phones… Click Fraud

As a marketer, you need to stay abreast of changes in advertising.  But with all the froth that usually accompanies advertising news, you can’t be faulted for simply tuning it out. But really, there are important “sea changes” in the ad world that affect your business. Here’s my distillation of big impact changes — and […]

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Amy’s Drive Thru: Vegetarian Fast, Delicious and Successful?

In our Paleo era with its abundance of bacon-flavored everything, can a vegetarian restaurant be successful? Let alone can it be fast and delicious?

Andy Berliner, vegetarian, organic food proponent and entrepreneur of Amy’s Kitchen, Santa Rosa, California, certainly thinks so. Amy’s Drive Thru opened July 20, 2015. Since then it has been packed nearly every […]

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Is Privacy “Safe Harbor” only for Europeans?

If you conduct international market research, you not only want to measure local attitudes and behavior, but also must comply with local practices, like the European Union’s Directive*on “Safe Harbor” for data privacy.

While this is important for researchers, it now appears that the EU is also using its privacy laws to trip up US-based global […]

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EXPO West: momentum shifts

If there were any doubts, lay them aside:  Expo, with emphasis on Natural Product Expo, is mainstream.

On my visit last week to Anaheim, I met and mingled with the throng of exhibitors and attendees. “Throng”:  yes, an expected 60,000 metastasized into 72,000 according to official estimates.  This attendance alone indicates the growing clout and some […]

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Food & flavor trends at the Fancy Food Show


More than 15,000 food professionals met and mingled with 1,300 exhibitors who presented their wares at the San Francisco International Fancy Food Show, January 11-13, 2015. And what did they see?  What was new and trending?

Here are my impressions.

Paleo / Meat Proteins / Salumi – While there have always been many specialty meat exhibitors, this […]

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