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Get Thee to the Retailer Laboratory

New formats, new merchandising for Williams-Sonoma

There has never been a more compelling time for retailers and manufacturers to experiment with their retail consumer space.

McKinsey advocates for an innovation process in this article — as shared on LinkedIn.

While online coding is cheaper and faster than opening a whole new store, PopUps in […]

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Amazon+Whole Foods: profitable distribution?

Can Amazon actually make money on selling groceries?

Clearly it is innovating with new formats and services. Yet, Amazon’s cashierless stores, Echo or 2-hour delivery don’t deliver profits, yet.

In recent post, the folks at Nutrition Business Journal and New Hope Media catalog several of these Amazon innovations, but I believe miss a couple fundamental questions.

Amazon’s acquisition […]

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Walmart CIO: Analytics Grow Grocery

The Wall Street Journal interviewed Karenann Terrell, CIO of Walmart.  For anyone who’s interested in Big Commerce and Big Data, the article is a good read on how to use information to increase customer satisfaction, sales and profits.

How’s it work? While there are many data uses and users at Walmart, one key application has been […]

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For VC-Level Returns Follow Female Users

No matter if you have a dollar, a million or a billion bucks in the bank, you want to make sure you have more tomorrow — or at least don’t lose it.
Launching for Success, Viral Adoption
So, how do you decide where to put your money and time in launching a new product — whether investing […]